About Us

Our story: 25+ years in the heating business

Here at Radiant Heating Solutions, we have been leading the field in advanced heating technologies for over 25 years. Founded by Managing Director Nick Critchley, we started out as HCC Heating Solutions. HCC was the first UK company to develop and market an oil-condensing boiler.

This worked at 98% efficiency, thanks to condenser technology and weather compensating software. This boiler was so efficient that it was the first of its kind with an all-plastic flue system.

That was back in 1990 and the market’s seen a lot of changes since then! As new builds became better insulated, it became possible to install underfloor heating, and the amount of people looking to implement renewable energy into their homes increased dramatically. Radiant Heating Solutions was therefore formed to incorporate the renewable technologies we are now offering, along with underfloor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling.


Design and innovation…

…You could say it is in our blood. After all, our consultant engineers have been designing bespoke integrated heating systems since the early 1980s.

To start with, these involved linking wood or multi-fuelled burners to oil and gas fired boilers to create fully integrated central heating and hot water systems. Even in those days, we were having twin coil cylinders (a superior version of the standard hot water cylinder) specially made to help our customers get the most from our designs.


Bringing a Roman invention bang up to date

Did you know that underfloor heating was invented way back in Roman times? They created a system called Hypocaust which, whilst nowhere near as sophisticated as today’s systems, was pretty impressive for its time.

Quite a few centuries later, we entered the underfloor heating game for ourselves in 1992. As usual, we did not do things by halves and our involvement snowballed! Before long, we became technical consultants to leading brand, Unipipe, later to become Uponor.

Our engineers even played a key role in producing the first technical guide to underfloor heating for the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA). Later versions of this publication are still widely used throughout the underfloor heating industry.

During this time, we were also developing our design consultancy arm to promote the integration of different types of heating technology.


Embracing the renewables revolution

In the late 1990s, renewable energy solutions such as air and ground source heat pumps, and solar PV panels, started becoming popular. So, we repositioned our business to bring these products into the Radiant Heating Solutions fold.

Today, we offer a range of energy efficient and renewable heating solutions to suit any type or size of building. Our engineers also offer expert advice about the government-funded Boiler Upgrade Scheme, so our customers can enjoy the maximum benefit from heat pump and solar PV installations.


Bringing it all together

It has always been our aim to bring our different technologies together in one complete, fully compatible system. However, this is far from straightforward! That is why we decided to work with a small number of hand-picked manufacturers. We are especially proud to work with Variotherm on around 50% of our underfloor, wall and ceiling heating installations.

Our partners not only excel in their respective fields, but they also share our approach to integration. This enables us to deliver a fully compatible integration package for all our central heating, hot water and microgeneration technologies.


Our Future

Radiant Heating Solutions’ journey is far from over, in fact we believe it is only just beginning. More homes are beginning to be curated with renewable energy & renewable energy sources in mind & with the government working towards its commitment to reduce emissions in 2030 by at least 68% compared to 1990 levels, it is easy to understand why.

As you are reading this, we have some amazing projects that we are working on, some amazing clients that are loving their products. Our amazing team has big aspirations for not only the future of Radiant Heating Solutions but also for the use of renewable energy & helping you implement these products into your home.