Solar Photovoltaics

Installing a solar system will tackle those high energy bills, by replacing the need to use energy from your power company during the day. This will allow you to utilise clean energy created from your easy to maintain solar power system. By installing a system, the solar panels can make the most of our beautiful sun to produce solar power for your home or business.

Solar PV is a fantastic renewable solution that can add additional benefits if designed to work alongside a Heat Pump.

Wanting to compare solar panels? There are four main factors to take into account: efficiency, value, aesthetics and warranty.

We are proud to offer a range of best-selling panels from manufacturers we know and trust. We are completely unbiased, so all our recommendations are based purely on what we believe to be the best option for you.

Solar panels absorb daylight – which means they work even on cloudy days – and convert it into electricity.

This power is then used to run appliances and lighting in your home. Technology has come a long way and you can even store the power your panels create in battery packs to use when the sun goes down. This power can even be used to offset the supply to heat pumps giving even greater savings.

You get paid for every unit of this energy you generate and use. You can also make money from energy you do not use.

So, if you are out on a sunny day and not using any appliances your electricity is sold back to the National Grid.

Every three months, you get a rebate from your power company.

So you benefit three times: for generating electricity, by using less electricity from the Grid, and earning income from the sale of your power to the Grid.

On Roof Solar PV Panels

Integrated Solar PV Tiles

Roof Integrated Photovoltaics are fast becoming a popular and cost effective (although more expensive than On Roof systems) solution for new build projects and should be considered to maximise the benefit of the free electricity generated.

There are various options available including roof integrated PV tiles, which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also act as a replacement to roof tiles and can be easily fitted using our interlocking frame system. Roof Integrated tiles are also perfect for roof replacement schemes and investment now can generate a guaranteed income for the next 25 years.

These systems have been developed for use on sloping tiled and slate roofs, with one of the highest power densities available on the market, the PV tiles integrate into the roof rather than being mounted on top.

This unique system combines with our experience in installing high quality PV products with a market proven fixing system can also be used as a total roof solution. It is ideally suited for new builds or re-roofing as it is attached straight to the roof battens and can be used with a wide range of conventional roof tiles.

Ground Mounted Solar PV systems offer an alternative solution in situations where a building mounted installation is not an option. Systems can vary in size from small, single-figure kilowatt arrays built within the grounds of a building to multi-megawatt solar parks or PV farms constructed on large areas of brownfield or low grade agricultural land.

Regardless of scale, the design and construction principles of ground mounted solar PV systems are usually the same with the PV array being fitted to a dedicated mounting structure fixed directly to the ground and the inverters installed either immediately below or within a dedicated enclosure constructed nearby.

The grants and incentives available to householders for renewable energies can be substantial. These include the Feed-in Tarriff for Solar PV.

The only way to unlock access to these grants and financial incentives is to use an installer that are Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved.

Radiant Heating Solutions work with an MCS approved installation partner for all Solar PV projects

Feed-in Tariff Factsheet: About the Scheme and How to Apply Read More