Underfloor Heating & Cooling FAQ’s

At Radiant Heating Solutions, we’ve been designing, supplying and installing underfloor heating for a while and during that time we have been asked the same questions over and over again. We’d rather you ask questions than take risks and to help you get the answers you’re looking for we have created this page with some of the most frequently asked questions about underfloor heating systems. If your question isn’t here, then be sure to call us today and we will do our best to give you a detailed, quick answer.

Underfloor Heating for your home?

Are you building your own home and want it to be perfect or even looking to do some home improvements on your already built home? Well, if you’re looking to install underfloor heating into your UK based home then we can definitely help. Take a look through our pages on underfloor heating and see what type is best for you and your home. If you really are stuck but definitely want underfloor heating then be sure to fill in our contact page or give us a call today and we will do our best to put your brain at ease.

We supply and fit

Due to there being so many different types of Underfloor Heating systems we can’t give you definite answer however we do have a page where we break down the different costs of the different systems. Take a look at this page HERE and if you’re definately going to get Underfloor Heating then we’d be happy to give you a quote.

There are lots of reasons why you should choose underfloor heating for your new-build or retrofit project! Why not take a look at the benefits and how Radiant Heating Solutions can deliver them for you. Read more on why YOU should get underfloor heating HERE.

There are many types of underfloor heating types including electric, water & Variotherm. They all work in different ways, so we have created a page about how they all work. To go to this page click HERE.

Here at Radiant Heating Solutions we can supply and install your underfloor heating in one go. Underfloor heating systems can be installed in any type of building and with most types of floor structure. However, if you’re looking to fit your own underfloor heating then we have a page that you may find useful. Click HERE.

The performance of your underfloor heating system performs depends on how your floor is constructed. This determines its thermal mass, or the floor’s ability to absorb and store energy, and how fast it releases it.

For example, a concrete floor is ‘high mass’. It will act like a giant storage heater, staying warm for many hours without any heat source.

On the other hand, a timber-based floor is relatively ‘low mass’. An underfloor heating system laid on this floor type will therefore tend to heat up and cool down more quickly, rather like a conventional radiator system. Find out more HERE.

Just like the floor type you choose, your floor covering will affect the performance of your underfloor heating system. There are several different options to consider, as explained below. If you’d like more information see this page by clicking HERE.

The beauty of underfloor heating systems is that they can be easily paired with renewable energy solutions – helping you save money and benefit the environment by reducing your use of fossil fuels.

Of course, we can also design your system to work with a conventional gas or oil-fired boiler. But what really excites us is developing integrated systems with renewable energy technologies, as there are so many benefits to enjoy. Find out more HERE.