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At Radiant Heating Solutions, we’ve been designing, supplying and installing underfloor heating systems since 1992, so you can be confident we know our stuff. Our installation engineers are highly experienced in both new and retrofit installations for a wide variety of projects. We have completed a range of underfloor projects, from upgrading a single room in an existing building to full barn conversions, extensions and new builds.

Heating & Cooling, all in one!

Did you know that an underfloor heating system can provide both heating and cooling? Meaning your home can be the perfect temperature all year round. The system does have to be connected to a heat pump with a cooling function in order for this happen but don’t worry we can talk you through this if it’s something you’d be interested in. The only variation is the room thermostat which has to be a heating and cooling device. Contact us for more details.

Working with leading manufacturers

At Radiant Heating, we work with some of the world’s most-respected manufacturers to develop and supply a full range of high-quality products. These include award-winning household names such as Worcester Bosch, Hitachi and Samsung.

We’re especially proud to be one of a selected few authorised Variotherm partners in the UK. Variotherm, as well as supplying us with their wall and ceiling heating and cooling solutions, they also supply us with the one of best underfloor systems not only in the UK but in Europe. If you’d like to learn more about Variotherm and see if it’s the solution for you then please contact us today!

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Types of Underfloor Heating

Wet Underfloor Heating

Water underfloor heating, also called wet or hydronic underfloor heating, is a highly effective and energy efficient way of heating your home.  A water underfloor heating system can be a great way to warm floors on a winter’s day and can sit beneath most types of flooring. Every system has its pros and cons. The water systems, compared with electric underfloor heating, are more complicated to install and a bit more expensive to buy.

However, as the system uses water, it can be linked to virtually any heat source, including gas-fired boilers, solar thermal panels and heat pumps. This makes it a highly versatile solution. which explains why it’s such a popular choice with owner-builders, plumbers and architects alike.

Water underfloor heating is a great way of saving energy and reducing your bills as it is a much more efficient heating system than radiators. The heating surface covers a much larger area than conventional radiators, enabling the system to work at lower temperatures and use a lot less energy, therefore saving you money!

Like electric underfloor heating, you can choose water underfloor heating as the primary heat source for your home or just to heat a specific space, such as a bathroom.

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Variotherm Underfloor Heating

We are one of only a select few that can supply and install Variotherm Underfloor! This newer type of heating is innovative and more efficient than its competitors.

Variotherm is a type of water underfloor system that can easily heat your home. The best thing for us about Variotherm is that it is easily fitted to any retrofit job! So instead of having to dig your floor out in the space where you want underfloor heating, you can simply place the Variotherm on top and place screed over it!

Another great thing about Variotherm is that is very efficient meaning that in the long-term it will save you money on your bills. However, as good as Variotherm is, it is expensive, if it’s right for your project then we suggest you use it because of its efficiency and how quickly it can not only be fitted but also how quickly it can heat up an area.

See if Variotherm is perfect for your project/home by getting contact with us and even if it isn’t we can talk you through your options regarding underfloor heating! At Radiant Heating Solutions we are here to help make your project reach its potential and be the best home it can be.

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Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating systems are highly adaptable and can sit beneath stone, tile, wood or even carpeted floor types. It is usually placed on top of a layer of floor insulation. This is to ensure the heat travels upwards rather than down. This is first laid on a layer of screed (made of sand and cement) to ensure the surface is completely flat.

A series of electric wires are installed underneath or inside the floor finish provides the element that heats the floor. The heating wires are then connected to your mains supply, and it will also include a sensor to help regulate the temperature. You can then use a thermostat to control the temperature and pre-set the system to turn on or off.

We can supply and fit many electric underfloor heating kits to suit a range of projects. This includes loose-fit wiring for smaller & more awkward spaces as well as heating mats for larger rooms and modular systems and more. The design of your installation will depend on the spaces size and dimensions, how well-insulated the room is, and the types of floor structure and covering.

Electric underfloor heating is usually installed on top of a layer of screed to make sure the surface is completely level, and a layer of floor insulation to push the heat upwards rather than down, so you get the maximum benefit.

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More about underfloor heating

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