Variotherm Underfloor Heating

We’re very proud of our partnership with Variotherm, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of underfloor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling systems.

They offer a fantastic range of high quality products that are fast and easy to install, and come with a 10 year warranty. That’s why we now use Variotherm for almost half our designs and quotes. UK Homeowners, plumbers and architects all love it!

What’s more, Variotherm is often the most cost-effective option in terms of time and money, when compared to a similar product. For example, our price for Variotherm Underfloor Heating starts from around £60.00-£65.00 ex VAT per m2  (Supplied).

If you were planning to dig up and re-screed your existing floor to lay traditional underfloor heating, then Variotherm should be considered as a cost-effective alternative. With Variotherm, your floors won’t need to be lifted, and laminate and timber can be laid directly on the top. So screeding etc won’t be required.

Variotherms’ heating systems are ideal in new builds, refurbishments, commercial, medical buildings, Listed buildings and for refurbishment of single rooms, such as bathrooms.

Floor heating offers effective, energy-saving heating. It emits radiant heat evenly across the entire floor area, thus ensuring that feet stay warm and providing a cosy atmosphere. If our feet are warm, we feel comfortable. Due to the low flow temperatures, hardly any convection is created, and the room remains free of dust circulation. ALSO, there are no obtrusive radiators, and you can design your space any way you want.

Since floor heating is a low-temperature distribution system, alternative energy saving systems such as heat pumps, biomass or solar thermal energy can be used. Naturally, the Variotherm floor heating systems also function with gas or oil.

You can lay whichever floor covering you like, whether it’s stone, laminate and multi-layer parquet, ceramic tiles, linoleum, or carpet. It’s important that the floor covering is suitable according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

In general, the thicker the covering, the slower the heat transfer, since the floor has to be heated up for longer. For example, tiles and natural stone have a high thermal conductivity and quickly radiate heat into the room.

Variotherm Modular Floor Heating

Drywall construction floor heating reacts very quickly. Thanks to their low construction height of 20 mm, the heating pipes are close to the floor covering. This means that the floor heats up quickly. This makes the VarioComp floor heating system excellently suited to rapidly changing room air temperatures, such as large glass surfaces, or many people in a single room, wood burning stoves, kitchens, etc.

The room stays cosy and warm – even at lower flow temperatures.

Due to the quick response time of the VarioComp the room air temperature is easier to regulate using a room thermostat than with screed floor heating.

Screed Floor Heating Systems

Variotherm offer a choice of screed floor heating systems to suit different requirements.

With water-based floor heating, the aluminium multi-layer composite pipes (VarioProFile pipe) are laid over the entire floor area. This means that they use the entire surface area of the floor to evenly heat the room. And: Floor heating is a low-temperature system and operates within low flow temperatures of between 26 and 38 °C – depending on the outside temperature. This saves energy and money.

By comparison: due to their small size, radiators only emit heat at certain points in the room and therefore need a flow temperature of up to 60 °C.

Save on heating costs with radiant heat: Thanks to the pleasant radiant heat, the room air temperature can be reduced by up to 2 °C compared with convection heating systems. And we still feel comfortably warm. Every degree less saves around 6% heating costs for every heating period.

More About Variotherm

Take a look at the videos below to find out more about our Variotherm range of underfloor, wall, ceiling and skirting heating/cooling products for your home or office space. We’re sure you’ll be just as impressed with Variotherm as we are!

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