Wall & Ceiling Heating & Cooling

We’ve partnered with Variotherm to supply and install wall and ceiling heating and cooling systems. These advanced technologies will keep your property warm in winter and cool in summer, helping you stay comfortable all year round. Wall and ceiling heating systems are becoming more popular in the UK, due to the many advantages they offer home and business owners.

The Benefits of Wall & Ceiling Heating & Cooling

  • Comfortable temperatures all year round
  • Reduced costs thanks to advanced, low energy systems
  • Peace and quiet as the heating is completely silent
  • Health benefits for people with asthma and other respiratory conditions

We usually combine our wall and ceiling heating installations with an air or ground source heat pump. This helps you save even more energy and money whilst protecting the environment.

We supply and fit

Wall Heating and Cooling

The Variotherm ModuleWall, SystemWall and EasyFlexWall systems work on the same principle as wet underfloor heating. They operate at low temperatures, saving energy and money and enabling fast heating and cooling times.

In winter, your walls will become a draught-free, low temperature radiator emitting a gentle, consistent heat that lets you stay warm and comfortable. Lower room temperatures also enable higher relative humidity, offering health benefits to people with respiratory problems.

In the summer, the system cools your home by circulating cold water through the walls. It works silently without the use of forced air, promoting a pleasant home or work environment. For more information about cooling, please complete our enquiry form or call our Technical Sales Team on 01400 250 572.

Wall heating and cooling can be installed in any or all the rooms in your home or premises and is ideal for both renovations and new builds. The type of system you install will depend on the nature of the property and the project you’re undertaking. ModuleWall is a drywall solution that uses fireproof gypsum fibre boards to provide a complete heating, cooling and wall structure solution. SystemWall and EasyFlexWall feature embedded elements for installation into plastered walls.

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Ceiling Heating and Cooling

Variotherm’s ModuleCeiling offers a highly efficient heating and cooling solution for both renovation and new build projects. It’s ideal for small spaces such as a single room and can also be used commercially to heat large spaces such as shops, offices and classrooms.

The low temperatures keep the air warm and fresh, with no condensation or dryness – just a consistent, comfortable humidity level. If cooling is required, this will require specialist system design. Please contact our Technical Sales Team to discuss.

The heating and cooling system is installed out of sight in the ceiling, keeping your space free of obstructions and giving you the freedom to design and plan the room how you like. Variotherm offers a choice of smooth or sound-absorbing acoustic surfaces for your ceiling, which are both made from fire-resistant biological materials.

Like wall heating and cooling, ceiling heating and cooling is low energy, helping reduce your bills. It also offers the same benefits to people with respiratory conditions.

All Variotherm wall and ceiling heating and cooling products come with a 10 year guarantee.

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