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At Radiant heating Solutions we are very pleased to be partnered with Variotherm which allows us to install and supply wall heating and cooling systems to you. Did you know that Wall heating is one of the oldest forms of heating? The Romans obviously liked to be comfortable within their own homes and used wall heating and cooling systems to make sure their homes were never too hot or too cold. With water-based wall heating, the surface of the entire wall is quickly and evenly heated up (unlike your common radiator) using a pipe system. During the summer, the same system can be used to cool the room to a pleasant temperature.

How Wall Heating & Cooling Works

Wall heating uses radiant heat: the infra-red waves hit furnishings and unheated surfaces at right-angles. They emit this energy in the form of heat. The people in the room are warmed “from the inside”. This kind of warmth feels particularly natural and pleasant, since it basically works like solar radiation. This means the whole room, in which the wall heating is placed, is warmed equally around it, unlike a radiator that heats the air in one part of a room and then loses its heat as it goes around the area.

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Wall Heating & Cooling

Wall Heating:

Wall heating operates with low flow temperatures. In other words: Due to the large-area laying, this surface heating can heat the room with flow temperatures of between 26 and 38 °C (depending on the outside temperature). By comparison, radiators require a flow temperature of up to 60 °C. That is because, due to their smaller surface area, they only radiate heat in the room at certain points.

Another reason why surface heating saves energy is that  the room air temperature can be reduced by up to 2 °C compared to radiators. Even so, we feel comfortably warm in the room. Every degree less saves around 6% heating costs per year.

Wall Cooling: 

If the room is cooled via wall, we already feel comfortable at a room temperature of 26 °C. By comparison, if the room is cooled using an air conditioning unit, we need a room temperature of around 23 °C to achieve the same level of comfort. Therefore, with a surface cooling system, you save up to 30% on energy costs. The wall is cooled without making any noise or causing a draught.

Things You Should Know

  • You should avoid placing furniture in front of the heated or cooled wall without prior planning, since the heat output could otherwise be impaired. Even so, it offers a great deal of freedom when it comes to designing your rooms. Why? Because there are no more bothersome radiators in the room.
  • You should be aware of the heating pipes when hanging up pictures. The aluminium multi-layer composite pipes are easy to locate with the pipe locator or thermofoil.

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