Wall Heating

Wall heating systems operate on the same principle as floor heating systems, with very low water temperatures and short response times. The wall becomes a draught-free low-temperature radiator, which emits warmth as gentle radiant heat and provides a pleasant living environment. Enhanced temperature uniformity of the wall surfaces and direct heat emission by radiation allow the air temperature in the room to be lowered by 2 to 3 degrees without reducing comfort. The lower room temperature allows higher relative
humidity, which is beneficial for the respiratory tract because it reduces dehydration. Radiant wall heating systems can be installed as embedded elements in interior plaster, including clay plaster. Installation in drywall construction is even faster with the prefabricated insulated heating elements of the SpeedUp and SpeedUp Eco installation options. The type of installation used depends on the individual building, but the result is the same: comfortable warmth with a difference.