Warm Your Floor

Lets look at the advantages of underfloor heating and how Radiant Heating Solutions can deliver them for you.

    1. Combines easily with heat pumps
    2. No Maintenance
    3. Comfort
    4. Freedom of room design
    5. Flexible Controls
    6. General Health and Wellbeing
    7. Cost effective

Combines easily with Heat Pumps

A major advantage of underfloor heating is how it can be paired with a renewable heat source such as a heat pump. Concentrated heat can be delivered by a heat pump to provide domestic hot water up to 60˚C while feeding the floor heating system at a lower efficient temperature. The systems we design will ensure you optimise the efficiency of your heat pump delivering a constant, controlled heat. In addition this can help reduce running costs and your carbon footprint at the same time.

No Maintenance

As there are very few moving parts to an underfloor heating system, there is little that can go wrong.

If correctly installed, pressure testing of the pipes means any potential leaks will have already been identified at an early stage and dealt with prior to screeding. As a result, one more of the advantages of underfloor heating is there are no regular maintenance costs to incur unlike traditional convection heating. Silence. No creaks and groans like copper pipes and radiators, just pure silence.


One of the many floor heating advantages is that underfloor heating heats the whole floor area in which you live. This generates the opposite heat cycle to that of conventional heat sources and results in warm feet and consistent room temperatures. Compared to conventional radiators, an underfloor heating system generates more radiant heat as opposed to convective heat. Your feet work like a thermostat, if they are warm, you are warm. If the floors are cold, then your feet will be cold and you will feel cold. Heat moves upwards not sideways or downwards.

Freedom of room design

Take a survey of your friends asking them how many of them would want to move a radiator in their home to allow with better placement of furniture. Underfloor heating will allow you the freedom to design your room layout without compromise. You have the flexibility to locate your furniture where you wish, suiting your lifestyle needs and not your heating system.

Flexible Controls

Traditional convection heating systems are often controlled by a single thermostat. With a Radiant designed Underfloor Heating System, we can provide you with the flexibility to control individual rooms via thermostats. These can be easily programmed to meet the demands of a particular area instead of wasting energy and money heating areas of the property which are used less often than others.

General Health & Well Being

A warm floor kills dust mites; they cannot live when the moisture level is below 40% in the air-floor area. This reduces the risk to asthma sufferers. Also there are no draughts and less dust in the rooms. Cleaning is easier, wet floors dry very quickly.

Cost effective

Normal radiators work with water at 50°C – 80°C. UFH requires water at only 30°C – 45°C. The boiler or heat pump is not required to work so hard and so saves on running costs.

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Radiant Radfloor heating concentrates heat near the floor, where you and your family can really benefit from it.

Radiant Radfloor is compatible under any type of floor covering — carpet, wood, slate, tile, linoleum, and even concrete — making design possibilities endless.

Is my property suitable?

Radiant Heating Solutions can provide an UFH system for virtually any type of project, whether it’s a new build, a renovation or a conversion.

The most important factor when considering UFH for your property is insulation.

Brand new UK properties have had to meet strict guidelines on insulation and airtightness so they will be suitable for UFH.

Older properties and renovations will require a little more thought and Bespoke design but I’m sure we can help.

How underfloor heating warms your home compared to a traditional radiator