Who We Work With

Self–Builders & Renovators


At Radiant Heating, we want you to fully understand the options available to you when renovating or building your dream home or extension. By working with us, you can be confident you will end up with the best possible solution for your project.

Here’s how our end-to-end service works:

  1. We will take the time to understand your requirements and the space you are working with, so we can design a system that will deliver the best possible results. In many cases, we can combine technologies such as solar PV panels, ground & air source heat pumps and underfloor heating into a single integrated system – maximising the benefits.
  2. We supply all our systems complete with diagrams and comprehensive installation and operating instructions.
  3. Our engineers can install your system, or you can choose your own installer if you prefer. Either way, we will be on hand to provide all the information and guidance you require. If you use your own installer, we will provide CAD layouts and telephone support to assist them and make sure the work is carried out to our own high standards.
  4. Energy saving and grants. We will explain how your new technologies can help you save money on your energy bills. If you are eligible for the government-funded Boiler Upgrade Scheme, we will also talk you through these, so you can get the most from them.
  5. Ongoing support. Once your new heating systems are up and running, we will still be on hand to answer your questions and provide support if you need us.



Architect & Specifiers


We fully understand the challenges that architects are facing with the stringent energy performance targets demanded by initiatives such as Passive House, RIBA and EcoHomes. And we are committed to helping you achieve them for your clients!

Our expert designers can recommend the ideal heating solution for your clients, whether you are designing a new-build flat or country property or renovating a townhouse or modern luxury home. We can also help with larger commercial projects.

Radiant Heating Solutions offers a full consultative service, including CAD design, fixed price quotations, site visits, on-site training, client training and so on. Or we can just provide assistance with design inspiration, technical layout or problem-solving; our service is truly flexible.

We can even advise on aspects such as floor construction, acoustic requirements, complex between-joist applications, and damp issues in historical buildings.

No matter how we work with you, we are always happy to share our knowledge from countless previous projects. We can supply section drawings of unusual, bespoke ideas and assist with writing or checking specifications. In short, we are here to help any way we can!



Plumbing & Heating Engineers


Radiant Heating Solutions are passionate about supporting the plumbers and heating engineers we work with. After all, we have worked with some of our own installers for many years now, so we have been in your shoes many times before!

We have extensive experience of supplying trade installers with direct-to-site underfloor heating, wall and ceiling heating and renewable energy solutions, tailoring our product range and design experience to help you bring the right solutions to your customers.

It is our aim to help you win more business by providing quick, efficient quotes so you can impress your customers. We can even educate them (and your team) about the energy-saving benefits of our heating technologies and the government grants that are available.

What’s more, you can rely on us to provide comprehensive documentation for our products, including design diagrams, installation guidance, operating instructions and any other supporting information you might need.

Most importantly we will give you all the support you need, whether that is on-site, online or by phone. You can rely on us to work with you throughout the job from start to finish. After that, we will still be on hand to provide after-sales support to your customers if they need us.





We want to work with you if you own your own home and you are looking to install a heat pump to replace your boiler, underfloor heating and cooling, wall heating and cooling or solar PV panels to your home.

If you own your own home and you are wanting to install underfloor heating to one of your rooms or even a whole floor of your home, then all we need from you is a to-scale floor plan of your home & which room/floor you are wanting to get underfloor heating within.

If you would like a heat pump, then we need an up-to-date EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) because it gives us the floor area of the building and of your project, it tells us how efficient your home is.

No matter the project, no matter the size of the project, we will be by your side until it is completed, and you are satisfied with it. If any issues arise, we will be right by your side to fix them together. When you submit a project to us, we consider it OUR project and we want it to be as good as possible.