Why underfloor heating?

There are lots of reasons why you should choose underfloor heating for your new-build or retrofit project! Let’s take a look at the benefits and how Radiant Heating Solutions can deliver them for you.

Your underfloor heating system will:

Normal radiators work by heating water to 50 to 80°C. As underfloor covers a larger heating surface, the system only needs to heat water to 30 to 45°C. This means your boiler or heat pump doesn’t need to work as hard, using less energy and reducing costs.

Underfloor heating is the best option for heating modern buildings, due to the vast improvements made to thermal insulation in recent years that have dramatically reduced heat loss.

A major advantage of underfloor heating is that it can integrate with renewable energy technologies such as air and ground source heat pumps and solar PV panels.

A heat pump can deliver concentrated heat to provide domestic hot water up to 60˚C whilst feeding the floor heating system at a lower, more efficient temperature. The systems we design will help you optimise the efficiency of your heat pump to deliver a constant, controlled heat.

Another option is to install solar PV panels to generate your own electricity. This can then be used to run an electric underfloor heating system and heat up your hot water tank. As with a heat pump, you’ll benefit from government-funded grants as well as reducing your fossil fuel consumption and energy bills.

Underfloor heating systems have very few moving parts, so not much can go wrong. During installation, our engineers will always pressure-test the pipes to identify any leaks at any stage, so these can be dealt with before the floor is screeded. If you’re using your own installer, test sheets will be supplied for them to use.

This means that, unlike traditional heating systems, there are no regular maintenance costs to pay. And you won’t have to put up with copper pipes creaking and groaning. You can just enjoy the warmth and silence!

As underfloor heating covers the whole floor and not just a small area of a room, you’ll enjoy warm feet and consistent temperatures. Your system will also generate more radiant heat than the convectional heat produced by radiators.

Because heat moves upwards, your feet will work like a thermostat. If they’re warm, you’ll be warm! On the other hand, if your floors are cold, then your feet will be cold – and all of you will feel cold.

Why not ask your friends how many of them would like to move a radiator so they can reposition their furniture? Probably lots! This isn’t a problem with underfloor heating, as you can design your room layout however you want. You can place your furniture to suit your lifestyle and preferences, not your heating system.

When we design your underfloor heating system, we can give you the flexibility to heat each room to your chosen temperature with our sophisticated thermostats, which are easy to programme and use.

This means you don’t need to waste energy and money heating rooms you don’t use very much, which isn’t always possible with a traditional heating system.

A warm floor kills dust mites, as they can’t survive in moisture levels below 40% in the air-floor area. This reduces the risk to asthma sufferers. With underfloor heating, there are no draughts and less dust. Cleaning is also easier, as the floor will dry very quickly.